Frequently Asked Questions

A few of the questions we’ve been asked in the past year. If you don’t see your question in the list below, send an email to

  1. I’m a new runner, very shy, not fast, (or) coming back from an injury. Can I run with you guys?  YES. We’re a big group and OMGrs come in all different shapes and sizes from quiet introverts trying to lose weight, to obnoxious extroverts talking endlessly about marathon training plans. We train at speeds ranging from 6 to 14 minutes per mile. (Walking is 16 mpm.) You’ll figure out who’s who quickly. There is almost always someone your speed to run with, and very often our many generous and welcoming members will slow down (or speed up) to help you feel welcome on your runs. You WILL feel welcome. It’s what we’re all about.
    The single most difficult challenge to running with OMG is the fear of showing up for your first run. “What if I’m too slow?! What if I feel awkward?! What if they’re all dorks!? It’s all rubbish, but you don’t know that yet. 500 people before you have taken the leap and now they have: new running buddies, new life friends, improved fitness, weight loss, speed gains, fewer cavities, and more money! There have also been three marriages. Here’s the secret. #JustShowUp. The rest is magic. Trust the force.
    When you arrive for your first run someone will notice that you’re new and make an effort to help you feel welcome. We’ll ask if you know your pace and distance so we can introduce you to runners of similar abilities. No worries if you don’t know. We’ll figure it out together. If you’re really fast you’ll find company with some of the top runners in Milwaukee. If you’re really slow you’ll find company with runners who have finished last in local 5Ks. When we all go out for pizza and beer no one cares who’s fast or slow, or if you’re a CEO or unemployed. We’re a melting pot of runners and we think that’s pretty cool.
  2. When do you meet?  Where is your schedule? How do I find you? We run 7 days a week 364 days a year. Our schedule is updated daily on Meetup. For a general overview click here for our Daily Schedule, but our Meetup page is always most up-to-date. RSVP so we know you’re coming, or if you’re really shy just show up and hide in a corner until we spot you.
  3. Are you really running outside today? It’s (pick one) raining, snowing, very hot, very cold, windy. We have only cancelled two runs in the past three years. Both times due to severe lightning accompanying severe thunderstorms that overlapped our start time. Often if the weather is bad we’ll meet up, wait a few minutes for the storm to pass, then go for a run! Snow and cold don’t deter us. We have routes designed for icy / snowy winter weather. If we’re cancelling we will post on our private Facebook Page.
  4. Where is Lake Park Pavilion? Google “Lake Park Bistro” and follow the map. When you arrive, park in the parking lot (it’s free) and walk towards the restaurant, then down the steps along the south side of the building. The public pavilion is under the restaurant. If you are directionally challenged, just walk around the restaurant outside until you see us. If you still can’t find us, look for runner types walking towards the building and follow them. Here’s a Google Map link to the Pavilion.
  5. Promoting Races: Can I plug my (pick one) race, event, book, workout, important cause on your Facebook Page? Not unless you’re an active member AND the event appeals to our general membership. “Active” means “having attended at least 10 runs / events in the past three months.” Promos posts by inactive members will be deleted.
  6. Non-running Topics on Facebook:  I feel passionately about a cause / school / business / candidate / religion / etc. Can I post on the OMG Facebook Page? With rare exception, and only with prior permission granted by an OMG Facebook administrator, these posts will be deleted and you will receive a warning. Second offense and you will be deleted as a member. We’re a large group and everyone has a favorite cause. Posts would snowball out of control quickly so we have strict limits.
  7. Dues: Our annual dues are $5. Please use Paypal or Venmo or Google Wallet to pay by sending $5 to,, or bring cash to any event. The money pays our meetup fees ($200 per year) and buys food, supplies, beverages, etc. for our social outings. If you’re active, you’ll get your money back 4x in yoga classes, beer and pizza alone. :))


  1. Hi guys and gals! I moved to Milwaukee in the last year and am now ready to join a running group again. I’m not new to running but will start again as a beginner since i’ve had issues with planter fasciitis and respiratory health due to the high humidity in WI. Question for you: are there group leads that run with the various levels? And do you train running straight through? I ran with Pasadena Pacers for many years, so I became accustomed to working my way up to 5 min run/1 min walk alternating. A gentler way for some of us! 😊 i look forward to meeting you all on an upcoming saturday run.


    1. Hi Barb, there are (usually) runners of all speeds at all of the 16 runs we schedule each week. We don’t have formal group “leads”, but we do make an effort to match newer runners with one or more people who run at a similar pace. Run/walk is always an option. We’ll make sure you know the route before you start. Saturday is a great day for your first run as it is often the best attended run of the week. There are a full bell curve of runners of all speed and distances.


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