Winter Points 2020

Winter Points is an annual challenge open to all members of OMG to encourage running together outside when it’s cold and dark. It’s a way to support each other against the temptation to hibernate. 🙂

To earn points all you have to do is show up. We make a ‘point’ of knowing who you are. Points start Saturday, Dec 1, 2019 and end March 1, 2020.

  • One (1) point for showing up
  • Two (2) points if it’s below 20°
  • Three (3) points if it’s below 5°
  • But….. only one (1) point if wind chill is below -20° (we want to be safe)
The 2019 Winter Running Shirt Front

Your progress is tracked on a Google Spreadsheet. Check it daily to make sure we saw you.

A minimum of 15 points qualifies you for the Winter Shirt! Additional points earn additional discounts in the shirt. Last year every 10 points earn an additional $1.00 discount on the shirt, which started at $12.

Any scheduled OMG run, fitness activity, or running event on our Meetup page is eligible. Parties don’t count, but the Christmas Lights run does! It helps if you RSVP on Meetup, but our staff of elves will learn your name and record your points, so the most important thing is to #JustShowUp. If we miss your points, send a note via Facebook message to Patrick or email

2019 Winter Running Shirt Back

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