Official Runs Are Cancelled as of 3/17

Experts have asked groups like OMG to limit gatherings to 10 people or less. Many of our runs often exceed that number. We’re a team and teams deferred individual preferences for the good of the whole. And so it is for now.

With that said we know that many of us are not going to stop running. We know that running is good for us, good for our health and well being which is important right now. We also know that many of us want to maintain the social connections that we’ve come to value. What to do?

We have two plans for that!

First, some of the current hosts have suggested that they will continue running at the times and locations previously used. We are not going to promote or list these runs, but if you are looking for a buddy to keep you safe / keep you company then, of course, we can’t tell you what to do. We suggest contacting the host directly. At least one of the hosts, Veronica Brewer, is offering virtual runs.If you do run with others remember to maintain social distance. We ask that you NOT post group pictures of any of these runs to social media. Pictures of an individual or two enjoying sunrises, sunsets, nature, interesting light patterns, etc. will still be welcomed. Pictures with people should show social distance. Post pictures to inspire us in dark times. Again, we suggest you stay home, but if you’re going to run anyways….just say’in.

Second, we’ve borrowed an idea to address the social connection challenge. It’s a simple but clever Google spreadsheet that allow individuals to track running friends even if you’re not running together. Request “Edit” access. If you’re an active member of OMG you’re in!

It’s easy to use and has a structure that builds community. The sheet, called ‘OMG Connect’ will be open to active member of OMG only and:

  • tracks running miles and other fitness activities. You can track yoga, swimming, plyos, etc. if you want.
  • is non-competitive. You compete only with yourself.
  • encourages POSITIVE interactions — i.e. encouragement or light teasing is allowed on other people posts. This is the fun part.
  • quickly allows you to see what other people are doing for fitness and where they are running.

Here’s how it works.

Each day you enter your miles / fitness activity and then “tweet” about it. It takes all of 30 seconds. You can then take whatever time you want to scan the activities of running buddies. It’s different than Strava. We’ve started the sheet and you can see the posts of participating members of OMG so far. You can write something boring or clever, share your struggles or successes, offer thoughts, list your aches and pains, or post something funny. The key is to keep it simple and short. If you want to write a blog post then start a blog, or post to Facebook. that’s not what “Connect” is for. The notes are the part that makes this sheet work for maintaining connection. You get a sense of what other runners are up to without having to read every Facebook post.

The instructions for how to use the sheet are on the first tab. You will need a PC or laptop to setup your tab. It’s not hard, but if you need help, send a note.

BTW, it’s NOT going to work to get started using your phone unless you install the Google Sheets APP. Download and install the APP. If you use it with the browser version of Google Sheets on your phone you are going to struggle. Download the APP! If you don’t know what an APP is then ask someone for help.

If you want to use Strava instead, or in addition, we’ve started a new OMG Strava group. Strava has way more running details and serves a different purpose that our intention with Connect. Here’s the link

This Strava group will be limited to active OMG members. There is another OMG Strava group with the word “Legacy” after it. That group has too many non-OMG members.

Editing of the OMG Connect Google sheet will be by approval only and ‘view only’ for members who don’t have a tab. Tabs (pages) can be created for any active member of the group. Once Connect has about 20 people on it, we *may* start another sheet. We’re not sure how this will work for our larger group, so we’ll evaluate it shortly to see if changes are needed. Here’s the link again:

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