Winter Points 2021

OMG’s annual Winter Points challenge starts on December 1st of each year. Points are redeemed at the end of the challenge for a discount on the “OMG We Ran All Winter” shirt. The design changes every year. The best part? If you earn enough points you get your name on the back of the shirt!

From December 1 to March 1 members of OMG can earn “Points” in two different ways. 1) by participating in an OMG hosted run or event, 2) by going on a solo run.

All runners are strongly encouraged to join a team. You do not have to run with your team or at the same time as your team to earn points, but getting to know other people is one of the goals of the Winter Points Challenge.

Points are tracked daily (that’s the goal anyways) on a Google spreadsheet. Only Admins and Team Captains can edit the sheet.

Here’s a link to the 2022 Google Point tracking sheet:

Goals: Why do we do Winter Points?

  • Motivate each other to stay active during the winter when we’d rather stay home and watch Netflix.
  • Hold each other accountable.
  • Stay connected to other. The key to a long and happy life!
  • Have fun.
  • Earn bragging rights by seeing your name on the “OMG I Ran All Winter Shirt.”
  • For a few participants, a chance to enjoy a little friendly competition.
  • Encourage and accommodate runners who do not feel safe running outside in dark slippery conditions due to vision challenges, balance challenges, or safety concerns.

Points By Temperature


All runners are strongly encouraged to join a team. Teams can be up to 10 members. You do NOT need to run with your team to earn points, nor at the same time. Each team has a captain who records the points. Hosts and any captain can record points for other teams.

There are three types of teams.

Fun Team: If you are not big into competition and want a reason to get outside for some exercise this winter, want to meet new people, support like minded friends, and see your name on the OMG We Ran All Winter shirt, then a Fun Team is for you!

Semi-Competitive Team: If you plan to run 2 to 4 times a week and enjoy balancing a little competition with fun, then a Semi-Competitive Team is in your future.

Competitive. If you plan to run 3 to 7+ times a week and be in the top 20% of points earners this winter then go for Competitive! Warning: Members of Competitive team are susceptible to OPD (Obsessive Points Disorder), a condition contraindicated with having fun.

We strongly encourage all teams to be mindful of the true spirit of the challenge — getting outside for exercise, encouraging and motivating each other, and friendships.

Anyone can form a team, Here are a couple of methods:

  1. Invited people you know to form a team with you. (Be sure to tell them the type of team so expectations aren’t in conflict.)
  2. Volunteer to be a Captain! We’ll find people for your team.
  3. Indicate interest on Facebook or to OMG Organizers. We’ll match you to a team! Indicate type choice – fun, semi, or competitive.

Pick a team name (20 characters max) and message Patrick with team members and other details. Your team will be added to the sheet and the Captain given read/write access.

Extra positive karma will be bestowed on Captains who included new members.

Points Recording:

Hosts: Show up at any OMG Hosted Run. The host will record your points for you on the Google Sheet.

Team Captain: Report your runs to your captain and s/he will record the points for you on the Google Sheet. You do NOT have to run together, nor at the same time. Hint: setup a free Strava Account for yourself and share your runs with your team or your captain.

Solo: We’re looking for a Captain to record points for soloists. Message the solo captain with your date and distance, then think about joining a team!

Missing Your Points: Message Patrick with your missing data and we’ll get it recorded.


  • 18 points to get your name on the shirt!
  • Anyone anywhere can be on a team. You don’t have to be in Milwaukee. OMG alumni are most welcome to participate.
  • Team points are the average of the number of people on a team. No more than 10 people. A five person team has no advantage over a nine person team.
  • You do NOT have to run together with your team, nor at the same time as your team, but you should make an effort to connect. 🙂
  • Treadmill runs can earn points. Treadmill runner must have at least two runs per month outdoors.
  • ‘Run-walks’ can earn points.
  • ‘Speed walking’ can earn points
  • OMG Yoga and OMG Plyometrics earn 1 point.
  • Plyometrics count for 2 miles of the 8 required for double points one day
  • Yoga counts for 1 mile of the 8 required for double points one day
  • Polar Plunge on Jan 1 earns full points base on temperature
  • Pettit Center indoor track runs earn 1 point
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Trot earns 1 point
  • Downtown Christmas Light run earns full points based on temperature
  • Running up stairs like Reid earns 1 point (it’s like a treadmill workout)
  • No hiking, skiing, biking, swimming. Sorry, we’re a running club!
  • If a team member is injured or wants to dropout in the 1st or 2nd month their points are removed and team points are re-averaged
  • If a team member of a Competitive team is injured or wants to drop out in the 3rd month the member stays on the team…. and TBD – stay tuned

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