OMG Leadership Team

The Committee / Board of Representatives for 2017

The following OMG members have attended 90+ runs with the group, been active in the past six months, paid their dues, and are eligible to vote at the quarterly OMG Committee meetings.

  • Norman Barrientos
  • Patrick Bieser
  • Veronica Brewer
  • Joe Campagna
  • Caci Dishman
  • Lisa Dretske
  • Apostoli Evreniadis
  • Matthew Friedel
  • Andy Garza
  • Ben Glasspoole
  • Matt Jacobson
  • Laura Lofton
  • Sarah Mikesell
  • Arik Miller
  • Alex Moehn
  • Christina Moehn
  • Monica Pallo
  • Clint Piper
  • Kenzie Schroeder
  • Dan Sibbernsen
  • Brenna Skelley
  • Emily Steinhafel
  • Erik Stevens
  • Ryan Thome
  • Jen Walsch
  • Nicole Weeks
  • Kaitlyn Wright
  • Vivian Yates
  • Jenny Zwagerman
  • Tyler Zwagerman


Nomination & Election Results for Board of Representatives 2015

Election Results for Facebook 3 Election Results for Facebook 2 Election Results for Facebook 1

Members Nominated to the Board of Representatives as of 11/10/2015

* The number after each name is the number of events attended in the past year.
* Names in bold were elected to the Board for 2015.

Patrick Bieser 148
Veronica Brewer 63
Patrick Courtney 39
Caci Dishman 44
Lisa Dretske 64
Matthew Friedel 69
Seth Heithaus 68
Jennifer Vestuto Hubbartt 45
Matt Jacobson 109
Christina Lundberg 105
Alex Moehn 29
Clint Piper 111
Brenna Skelly 59
Erik Stevens 133
Ryan Thome 96
Nicole Weeks 28

Election Process (Now Closed)

Voting began Thursday evening 11/11/2015. All eligible members listed below received an email with voting instructions.  If you do not receive an email, and believe you should have, please contact

Nomination Process (Now Closed)

To be eligible to vote for the Board of Representatives “Active” members must have attended at least 8 events in the past year and have paid their $5 dues.

  1. Active Members can nominate up to 10 names from the names on this page to serve on Board of Representatives.  (The Board consists of five members.)
  2. You do not have to nominate 10 names. Any number between 1 and 10 is fine. You do not have to participate in the election. It’s up to you.
  3. If you are nominated and do not wish to serve on the board, let us know. We will remove your name from the ballot.
  4. Email your selections to
  5. You can nominate yourself.
  6. Final voting from the list of nomination members will be emailed via Survey Monkey. (This is why we need your email address.)
  7. Names without email addresses are at the bottom of the list. No voting for you! unless you send us your email address.
  8. The number after each name is the number of events attended in the past year.
  9. Please email us any errors, misspellings, omissions, etc. ASAP.

Members Eligible to Vote for the Board as of 11/10/2015

Esthefanie Avila 32
Norman Barrientos 53
Hannah Bridgeland 18
Joe Campagna 45
Sara Carter 11
Debbie Chambers 9
Elise Chapman 25
Anne Coffman 70 (Declined Nomination)
Tamara Cohen 36
Krista Dudley 32
Matthew Dunham 16
Tom Fullmer 19
Terri Gabriel 19
John Gamrat 29
Ben Glasspoole 89 (Declined Nomination)
Hanna Gichard 15
Amy Gnadt 48 (Declined Nomination)
Cat Guinan 12
Lauren Harkness 32
Patrick Hevey 9
Alex Hoffman 18
Deborah Kanning 15
Jodi Kleinfeldt 15
Emily Larson 123 (Declined Nomination)
Morgan Malicki 34
Kelley Malone 31
Sarah McCallum 22
Reshma McHale 23
Emily Meingast 43
Tim Milis 28
Andrei Nemilentsau 95
Carly Nichols 17
Kurt Ohlinger 21
Monica Pallo 28
Steve Pitsch 15
Sarah Riutta 21
Robert Salamon 8
Bridget Sandercock 18
Dunn Schmutzler 26
Brad Schomer 17
Kenzie Schroeder 13
Dan Sibbernsen 47
Beverly Smith 13
Karly Sopcic 23
Mariya Sorensen 15
Megan Starshek 8
Emily Steinhafel 23
Manoj Swearingen 8
Dan Szedziewski 10
Caitlin Taylor 35
Wade Thelen 30
Kyle Van Dyn Hoven 26
Jen Walsh  21
Vivian Yates 41
Cris Zamora 20
Jenny Zwagerman 47
Tyler Zwagerman 49

Members No Email Address on File
*Dani Mae Ball 14
*Adam Dahms 12
*Chad Burns 9
*Andy Garza 13
*Hannah K 14
*Elmoore No-Last-Name 9
*Julie No-Last-Name 19
*Sarah No-Last-Name 12
*Gaurav Sonja 10
*Becky Kermit Runnells Tlyme 14

Election Results for Board of Representatives 2014

Election Results 2014 for Facebook 1 Election Results 2014 for Facebook 2 Election Results 2014 for Facebook 3


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