Meet Our Hosts

A new section of our website profiles the hosts of our daily runs. These are written for shy first timers who want to know who you’ll meet on your first run, and seasoned OMG vets who have run out of conversation topics. Our first profile was written by Anna Miller and is about Emily Jo…

Yoga for Runner - Milwaukee Running Group

Yoga for Runners 2020

Yoga for runners will be offered again beginning in January 2020. Yoga for runners features a series of poses and routines to loosen tight spots, strengthen weak spots, and make you a better, less injury-prone runner. The classes are taught by Jodi Clark Kleinfeldt, a certified Yoga instructor and seasoned runner. The class will be taught at Northwoods in…

Beer Mile VI – 2019

The sixth annual running of the OMG Milwaukee Beer Mile and Family Picnic will be held on Saturday August 10, 2019 at the Rugby Pitch on the Milwaukee lakefront, just north of Bradford Beach.  Results from previous races are posted in the Records area of this website.