How to Join the Milwaukee Running Group – OMG

Step 1:  Visit Click “Join“. (It’s a big red button.) Our Meetup membership is free. Takes 5 minutes to signup. This is how we stay in touch. We keep our most up-to-date daily schedule here.

Step 2: Visit our Facebook Page and “Join” our private group. We use our private Facebook page to connect with each other, share tips, ask questions, post interesting links, and get to know each other.

Step 3:  Dues: You DO NOT need to pay dues to come to a run. Ever. Running is free. After you discover the many benefits of our group you can support OMG by paying annual dues, a measly $5, which is insanely low, and less than you spend on coffee most days. Here are your options for when to pay:

Option 1. Pay Now. Make a commitment. Pay now and you’re more likely to show up for your first and second runs and feel like you’re already part of the group. Some people need motivation to get off the couch. Paying $5 says that you’re going to do it this time!

Option 2. Pay Later. Come to a run or two or seven and see if you like us. We don’t mind. Some people are careful. Who wants to give away $5 needlessly?

How to Pay: When you’re ready, send $5 along with your name and email address. There are six ways to pay dues…

  • Venmo @Patrick-Bieser-1
  • Paypal
  • Google Pay
  • Cash App (Square Cash) $patrickbieser
  • Check: Snail mail a check to OMG c/o Patrick Bieser, 1572 E Capitol Dr. Shorewood, WI 53211
  • Cash: Bring $5 to a run and give to the host of that run. 


  1. Daily training runs
  2. Weekly social gatherings
  3. Discounts at local running stores (Performance Running Stores)
  4. Packer parties
  5. Beer and snacks on Wednesdays at South Shore
  6. Movie nights (Musical Movies too!)
  7. Monday Meals
  8. Summer picnics
  9. Coached track workouts in Shorewood and the Pettit Center
  10. Indoor yoga, pilates, plyometric classes in the winter
  11. Trail runs on Sunday
  12. Holiday (Goodwill) party in January
  13. Banana awards (Annual)
  14. Pub runs in the warmer months
  15. Oakleaf Trail Cleanup Service project
  16. membership (included for free but it costs OMG $200 a year)
  17. Party supplies
  18. Pizza at Packer Parties, Quarterly Meetings, and indoor gatherings
  19. OMG Fall 50 / Ragnar / 5k / racing teams
  20. Beer Mile!
  21. Couch to 5k training
  22. Marathon buildup runs year round
  23. 24×7 encouragement

Other Running Groups: There are other running groups in Milwaukee. Badgerland Striders is the oldest, and many members of OMG are also members of Striders and actively participate and volunteer in BLS’s many races. We differ from BLS in that we run outside all year long (winter too), and schedule many more runs per week vs BLS’s 2-3 per week in the warmer months. We host frequent social events and activities in addition to runs. We call ourselves the “Original” Milwaukee Running Group (because for a brief time there was another group with the same name.) We go by “OMG.”  (The “R” is silent.)


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