Monday Medal

Monday Medal Winners

The Monday Medal / Golden Sneaker is awarded each Monday by the OMG member who received the medal the previous week. The criteria for the award is “Anything You Want it to be.” It can be funny, inspirational, or random. Here is the list of past Monday Medal winners. (Not yet complete. We’re rebuilding the list from our archives week by week.)

1/16/2018 – Dan Davies from Neha for best snow beard

1/9/2018 – Neha from Suzanne (Kate Betka) for keeping her company after they both came late to the run.

1/2/2018 – Kate Betka from Suzanne

12/2017 – Suzanne from Katie Betka

11/20/2017 – Anna Miller for running her first Marathon two weeks ago. (Madison 2017)




7/17/2017 – Marcus Walz for inspiring Cammie to run faster.





7/10/2017 – Cammie Beck for taking a minute off her hill repeat average mile time week-to-week.





7/4/2017 – Thomas Wells for wearing his red white and blue for our Fourth of July run.




6/20/2017 – Nicole Weeks for running her first quarter marathon after coming off an injury.




6/13/2017 – Trey and Tripp Horbinski for converting a 5k race into the Madison Marathon in Montana




6/5/2017 – Arun Sakar for finishing a 100 mile race in the mud and rain and heat.



Monday Medal to Aaron

5/15/2017 – Aaron Pierce – “Bringing (his mom’s) cookies to the rain run!”





5/8/2017 –  Ting Lin – “Joining the evening run group since she is normally a morning runner.”





4/24/2017 – Brenna Skelley – “Inspiring Emily Jo to a new 5k PR on the run tonight”




4/17/2017 – Emily Jo – “Because it’s her Birthday!”




4/10/17 – Michael De Vogel – “For showing up almost every day the past two weeks during all the rain and crappy weather.”





3/20/17 – Alex Herum – (We can’t remember why he won…. Amy?)





Amy Linsing Take Monday Medal

03-06-2017 – Amy Linsing Tate – Golden Sneaker / Monday Medal Award for “Should have won it last week, but didn’t show up.”





02-27-2017 – Brenna Skelley – Golden Sneaker Award (Andy lost the Monday Medal) for wearing purple, which is Andy’s favorite color. monday-medal-golden-sneaker-award-brenna-for-wearing-purple




02-20-2017 – Andy Garza. “There’s a runner who often you see, but to runs he will seldom RSVP. Always some excuse, he’s very loose with the truth, Andy this medal is for thee.”  img_4598




02-06-2017 – Hans Goldenberg. “On the Milwaukee River is a statue of the Fonz. They says it’s made out of bronze. Of a guy really cool, he makes the girls drool. Just like my running friend tonight Hans!”

01-23-2017 – John Vande Corput – “He always always and always finishes. Ran a new PR of 6 miles this past weekend”

01-16-2017 – Dan Davies – “For Showing up in the rain in shorts!”

01-09-2017 – Patrick Bieser – “For Hosting the Goodwill Party”

01-02-2017 – Brenna Skelley – “For Encouraging Sol to do the Polar Bear Plunge”

12-26-2016 – Sol Aldrete – “Best Wipeout on the Ice” (A few members went down on the icy paths, but bounced right back up!)

12-19-2016 (Phil Didn’t Show Up! :((( )

12-12-2016 – Phil Gessler – “Showing Up and Running in Shorts (it was about 12F degrees outside.)

12-05-2016 – Samantha Goldberg – “Showing up on time and running the full six miles.”

11-28-2016 – Marcus Walz –

11-22-2016 – Jen Linze – “Wearing a tank top when it was 30 outside!”

11-15-2016 – Debbie Chambers –

Monday Medal 2016-09-05 409-05-2016 – Hillary Greene Parker – “For coming to the Monday Run despite having a bad week.”

08-29-2016 – Juan de Dios – “For sticking with slower runners on the Monday run.”

08-22-2016 – James Wright – “Being the runner from the previous week for running four miles!”

08-15-2016 – Scott Hollurung – “Showing up consistently, and being the quietest member of OMG!”

08-08-2016 – Patrick Bieser – “Getting the County Park Alcohol Permit for our Beer Mile on August 20th”

08-01-2016 – Clint

07-25-2016 –

07-18-2016 – Matt Jacobson – “Finishing 69.4 miles of a Half Ironman this past weekend in a driving rain storm.”

07-11-2016 –

07-04-2016 – Aaron Pierce “Wearing Red, White & Blue on the 4th of July”

06-13-2016 – Seth Heithaus “Last regular run with OMG before heading to Medical School in Wausau, WI”

Seth Heithaus Monday Medal Winner

06-01-2016 – Hans Goldberg

Spring 2015 – Joe Campagna Awards the First Monday Medal to…..