Tuesday Track Schedule

Track is Tuesdays at 6pm.  During the spring, “track” will meet at the Hubbard Beer Garden on the Oak Leaf Trail due to frequent soccer games at Shorewood HS (see meetup event for more specific location details each week).  When the school year is over, we’ll be at SHS through the fall.

At track, we do speed/tempo workouts designed to help you race faster.   During the spring, we will do mostly tempo-based workouts (and some intervals) designed to supplement base mileage and stay in shape for the beginning of training season for fall races.  The workouts are geared towards half marathon and marathon training, but are also fine for other distances/general fitness with little to no modification.

Here is the schedule for the next three weeks (details subject to change):
April 17: 800m repeats.
April 24: 3 min-1:30 fartlek (start at 10k pace, get faster each rep- BRING GPS WATCH if you have one!)  for 7-8 total reps.
May 1: 2mile, 1 mile, 1 mile (last mile optional).  Beginner version: 2*1 mile, 1-2*800m repeat.