Thursday Track Schedule

Track is on Thursdays at 6pm.  At track, we do speed/tempo workouts designed to help you race better.   Since this is spring, these workouts are geared towards 5k and half marathon distances.  After the south shore half marathon (April 7, 2018), the workouts will get a bit longer and slower to accomodate the people training for fall marathons.

We’re inside  at the Pettit Center (500 S 84th street) until after daylight savings time begins (March 11).  Then, weather permitting we will move track to Tuesdays (still 6pm).  During the early spring, “track” will meet at the Hubbard Beer Garden on the oak leaf trail due to frequent soccer games at Shorewood HS (see meetup events for more specific location details).  When the school year is over, we move to the Shorewood track through the fall.

Here is the schedule for the next few weeks (details subject to change):

Thursday nights (Pettit Center):

Feb 8: 6*800, 5k race pace, 200m recovery between reps
Feb 15: 10*400, 5k race pace or faster.  Equal time recovery.  Long recovery after 6 reps
Feb 22: Fartlek: 2 min on, 1 min off, 12 total reps (36 mins).  Progress faster each “on” period.
March 1:  2*1000, 1*mile, 3*400
March 8: 5*1000

Tuesday nights (Oak Leaf trail- Hubbard beer garden, weather permitting)
March 13:  3-4*mile repeats
March 20: 10-12*400 (beer garden entrance to garbage can).
March 27: 6-10*800 (yasso style)
April 3: Fartlek TBD.  Easier workout for South shore attendees
April 10: Time ladder TBD- north on OLT