Plyometrics Winter 2019-2020

Plyometrics for runners will be offered on Tuesday evening in November & December, and again in March & April. The OMG Plyometric workout for all athletes is held in the gym in the basement of Northwoods in Shorewood. Plyometrics leg strength training exercises that strengthen joints and prevent running injuries. We start each workout with group exercises followed by a series of hurtle and jump exercises designed for athletes of any ability.

Plyometic workouts are offered for free to members of the Milwaukee Running Group – OMG. You can join the group for $5 per year and five minutes to register. OMG has many other benefits besides plyometric workouts. Click the “Join Us” link on this page to join OMG.

The benefits of plyos for runners is documented here:

Our program allows each person to work to their own ability. You compete only with yourself, and track improvement from week to week. The video below was filmed to show a few of the variations of the exercises we do. This program works for anyone from ages 12 through 80.

A Facebook Page with additional videos of previous Milwaukee plyometrics sessions can be found here:

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